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Debt Collection

We help our clients recover debts from their delinquent debtors. For co-operative debtors, we engage them to settle the debt amicably without first commencing litigation.

Where an offer for payment by installments is acceptable by the creditor, we encourage parties to sign a deed of settlement in the agreed terms.

In case the indebtedness is acknowledged or admitted by the debtor, e.g. through a signed deed of settlement, and the debtor continues to dishonour their undertaking, we endeavor to recover the debt by summary procedure in court, instead of subjecting the creditor to a strenuous hearing process.

We also offer other services including conducting insolvency proceedings, realization of securities under charges and mortgages, and hiring, instructing and supervising auctioneers to conduct distress for rent and execution of court judgments, orders and decrees.